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Datahug Increases Your Win Rates By 21%

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Close More Deals

Close More Deals with Intelligent Prompts

Datahug gives sales teams a digital guide to the entire sales process, complete with tips for next steps proven to help move a deal forward, created with extensive experimentation and machine learning.

Forecast with Confidence

Objectively Measure Sales Pipeline Accuracy

Using objective data, our real-time Deal Scoring™ technology helps sales people see what deals will close and which ones need attention. This leads to more wins, accurate forecasts and less deal review hassles.

B2B Marketing ROI Playbook

How CRM can help close the gap between Marketing & Sales

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8 Tips To Build A Referral Sales Machine

Referrals are 40-50% more likely to convert. Find out how to accelerate this channel.

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Guide to Re-engaging Prospects

When do prospects stop responding, and how do you get the sales back on track?

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Are you experiencing issues tracking Marketing ROI because of gaps with the CRM? Read the B2B Marketing ROI Playbook

Know how likely a deal is to close and what deal to focus on right now, right from within your CRM.

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