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B2B Marketing ROI Playbook

Marketings Biggest Problem: Integrating Campaigns and Marketing Automation with the CRM!

Marketing Attribution is a set of technologies and processes that evaluate the success of marketing lead generation activities in driving revenue through the sales funnel for your company. While the initial goal is often to prove marketing ROI (Return on Investment), the ultimate aim should be to understand the most effective marketing programs and improve marketing ROI.

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While most marketing teams can report on open rates, click-through rates and numbers of leads, few CMOs can point to the hard numbers – the measurable impact that marketing has on their company’s revenue and demand forecasting.

Learn why over 80% of sales data is lost as companies impose manual data burdens on their sales team

Learn the #1 reason why Marketing Teams struggle to track ROI

See how effectively utilizing data can enable teams to 3x to 10x increase their investment in worthwhile marketing initiatives

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